Five Benefits to Hiring a Disabled Person – by Emily Comedis

1. By hiring people with disabilities, you are actually hiring focused, dedicated and loyal people. This doesn’t mean that people without disabilities are the contradictory. But a successful organization is often filled with employees who have the right focus and dedication.

2. People with disabilities have some limitation that requires some accommodation, in themselves and potential employers. Thus they often compensate by developing desirable characteristics and attitudes.

3. Employers who hire people with disabilities are actually hiring (and building) specialists.

4. Your first disabled hiree won’t be your last disabled employee. By hiring disabled persons, employers are actually building a network that could be an avenue for transferring special skills. People with disabilities who have mastered special skills and can transfer them to others with disabilities which will benefit your organization.

5. Employers who hire people with disabilities create a positive corporate image. Hiring people with disabilities is not charity. But bringing them into the organization is an exemplary act that models corporate responsibility.


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