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A Look at the Farm


The NEW Old Brooklyn Rising Harvest Farm is taking shape.  Currently we have 2 hoop houses, poultry run, the frame of a poultry hoop, 25 community garden beds, a lovely little red barn, and lots of mud.


Lina Monteleone is made Director of Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmental Disabilities Services at Koinonia

Lina Monteleone will assume the position of Director of Intermediate Care Facilities /Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) Services at Koinonia.   Most recently Lina served as the Director of Day and Vocational Services overseeing day support, pre-vocational and career services at the Center for Day Support, Career and Vocational Services located at 1200 Resource Drive in Brooklyn Heights, OH (The Center).

Lina has been with Koinonia since 1995 serving the agency in various leadership roles.  During her 17 year tenure, she has worn many hats.   In her most recent position as Director of Day and Vocational Services, Lina successfully managed and grew The Center’s programs enabling Koinonia to triple the number of individuals that the agency previously served.  Under Lina’s leadership, a strong management team was built and innovative and highly effective systems were put in place ensuring quality programming and care for all who attend.

Lina’s broad professional experience within the agency has been pivotal in shaping Koinonia’s strategic direction.   Her past experience in overseeing ICF/DD services is invaluable and her talents will again be utilized to build upon the quality services that exist today. 

As Lina assumes her new post as the Director of ICF/DD, her expertise will be instrumental in the transition to new leadership at The Center.  

In announcing the appointment, Diane Beastrom, President and CEO said, “Over the years, Ms. Monteleone has served the agency in different capacities.  She loves to be challenged and welcomes the opportunity for personal growth.  She demonstrates leadership and professionalism; most importantly she understands the needs of our individuals and the challenges we face today.  We are delighted to announce her appointment as Director of ICF/DD Services.”